What Enables Change? Learning from a real NHS transformation project.

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The bigger and more complex an organisation is, the more difficult it is to change. After all organisations are comprised of people and people don’t like change. If you don’t believe this statement, look back at you and recall how many times and how long you have been resisting change in your life in the last 5 years, knowingly or unknowingly.

The NHS (National Health Services) in the UK is a mammoth of an organisation fraught with challenges and resistance. So when someone talks about takeaways from real time experience with NHS, once must listen. This is how change happens in reality.

As Business Analysts (or PMs or business owners), it is important to understand the key enablers of change.

Here’s for you summarised, but listen to what this gentleman has to say.

Critical Enablers of Change:

1. Clear communication across all levels

2. Alignment of stakeholder goals – “what does good look like?”

3. The culture of continuous improvement

4. Decision-making driven by facts and data

5. Standardisation of work – defined and documented methods

6. Performance Management with real time tracking

7. Team Work / Problem solving

8. Well defined roles & responsibilities

9. Clear Strategy in place.

Watch this Video:

Learnings from NHS transformation – Key Enablers for Change

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Ujjal Ghosal (Senior Business Analyst & Coach)

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